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Competitions FINALS 2019-20

Cup Finals dates & venue




  • -Squads to consist of no more than16 players. Subs-Competition Rule 11.  EXCEPT  U12 GIRLS  9V9 SQUADS OF 12
  • -All teams should arrive 45 minutes before KO.
  • -Please could teams come changed. Changing rooms MAY be available after your game if required (please check if  you need them).


  • -Teams to provide at least 1 suitable match ball for the final (preferably 2).
  • u19,u16,u15 - size 5 & u14,u13,u12 - size 4

Only the Referee will be provided & appointed by SCSFA.

Each team should bring an appropiately competent adult or qualified junior official to act as an assistant referee to run the line. IT WOULD BE PREFERABLE if this person is not a playing member of the team nor the team manager.

It is the schools' responsibility to provide their own first aid. This WILL NOT be provided at the venue by SCSFA

Spectators welcome but please follow the FA/ESFA respect code of conduct for spectators.

PLEASE  CHECK  FULL  Competition Rules