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Competition Rules

Competition Rules

Individual Schools and Inter-Area Competitions.


1.                  The Trophy – All trophies are the property of the Somerset County Schools F. A. and shall be competed for annually.  The trophies are ‘Challenge’ Trophies and shall never be won outright.  The holders of the trophies shall be responsible for their safe custody and shall deliver them, engraved for the previous season and cleaned, to the County Secretary  by 1st March.


2.                  Mementoes – Mementoes will be presented by the County Association to the two Schools / Areas competing in the finals.


3.                  Control


(A)             The entire control of the competition shall be vested in the Executive Committee.


(B)              The rules of the game shall be those of the Football Association, except as otherwise stated.


(C)              All teams must be under the control of the school's teacher/education employee.  Failure to comply to this rule shall lead to automatic disqualification.


4.                  Entries – The trophies shall be offered for annual competition amongst Schools / Areas in the full membership with the County Schools F. A. on payment of the said entry fees.


5.                  Eligible players


i           Players shall be of the specified age at midnight on the 31st August / 1st September at the start of the season.


ii          Apart from Year 11 Students who may all play for their school’s U.19 team as well as their U.16 team, no other player is permitted to play in more the ONE age group per season .  (If a player plays for an older age group team, he/she cannot also play for his/her own age group team).

note; u12  only years 6 & 7

u14  only years 8 & 9

u16  only years 10 & 11

U19  years 11, 12 & 13

6.                  The Competitions


(A)             All entries must be received before the closing date, accompanied by the appropriate entry fees.


(B)              The draw for the competitions shall be made before the onset of the forthcoming school year.


(C)              All matches shall be played on the Cup-Tie (inter-school) or Cup or League Principal (inter area) and shall take precedence over all other school matches.


(D)             The Competition Secretary shall fix the dates within which all matches shall be played.


Schools / Areas seeking an extension must apply to the Competition Secretary no later than 48 hours prior to the limit date.  Failure to do so may lead to disqualification.



(E)              The final ties shall be played on grounds to be appointed by the Competition Secretary.


(F)               The Competition Secretary shall appoint a neutral and Qualified Referee and, IF possible, 2 Assistant Referees for the final tie. However, each team should bring an appropriately competent adult, or qualified junior official, to act as an Assistant referee to 'run the line' in case the Competition secretary has been unable to supply such officials. This individual should not be a playing member of the team and it would be preferable for it also not to be the team manager.





7.                  Individual School/Area Competitions


(A)             Both home and away team managers are responsible for making and agreeing a fixture date on or before the play by date. Failure to do so may lead to both teams being disqualified from the competition. Should no date be acceptable by the two competing schools/areas the date shall then be fixed by the Competition Secretary.


(B)              Home School/Area to inform opponents of venue, kick off times, colours, travelling directions, etc at least 48 hours prior to the match. Where colours are similar the home school/area shall retain its colours and the away school shall change to a suitable contrasting colour.


(C)              The home side should provide a referee, preferably neutral and qualified.


8.                  The Winning & Home School/Area – must inform the Competition Secretary of the result within 48 hours of the game being played.  Failure to do so may result in disqualification.




9.                  Duration of Matches – all matches within the competition shall be of the following maximum duration (this may be shortened, with the consent of both team managers, if the playing conditions at Kick Off determine it would be more suitable, appropriate and safer to play a reduced length of time) :-


(A)             Under 19 – 40 minutes each way.


(B)              Under 16 – 40 minutes each way.


(C)              Under 15 – 35 minutes each way.


(D)             Under 14 – 35 minutes each way.


(E)              Under 12 and 13 – 30 minutes each way.


(F)               Extra-time shall be up to a maximum of 10 minutes each way, except only 7 minutes each way for the U12 & U13 competition.


(G)             Postponed or abandoned matches shall be played within seven days, but where schools are not mutually agreed on a date, it shall be fixed by the Competition Secretary.


10.              The Ball – the following size of ball shall be used:-



(A)             Under 19, Under 16 and Under 15 – size 5.


(B)              Under 14 – size 4


(C)              Under 12 and 13 – size 4.



11 . Substitutes. Up to and including under 19 SCSFA  competitions, up to 5 “rolling” substitutes may be used.

12.              Disputes – any matters not covered by the rules of the Competition or any dispute shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee and Competition Secretary.  Any dispute shall be put in writing and must reach the Competition Secretary within seven days of the fixture or dispute.


13.              Alterations to Rules – the rules of the competition may only be altered at a forthcoming General Meeting of the Association.


14.              General – the winning school of all the competitions shall be nominated to represent the Somerset County Schools F. A. in any competition organised by the E.S.F.A.


15.              ‘Play By’ dates  – see draws on 'competitions' pages .

16.              Matches must be played in accordance with FA guidelines regarding the use of 3G artificial turf pitches (see guidance listed in the 'Association information' pages within this website)


Please note – it is strongly recommended that schools and colleges have a First Aid Kit at all games.